Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today I... up after only 2 snoozes on the 2nd day of our new "go to bed earlier & wake up earlier" trial (and error, apparently)
...finally got a long worked on design project emailed off. phew!
...did two loads of laundry
...started cleaning the kitchen and bathroom (and am almost done, in fact)
...gave Tim a haircut. Poor guy.
...stood for a full 2 minutes looking at the cuteness of my Christmas presents wrapping job. Sad, I know. But the ribbons and paper combo...yum! tomorrow's supper in the fridge (it's one of those 'sit overnight' things)
...stayed off of Facebook! This is big!
...inserted my brand new, clean, crisp 2009 planner refill pack into my planner. THAT felt good.
...put fresh sheets on the guest bed, which is a good thing, since apparently the bro-in-law is coming tonight instead of tomorrow due to snow storm!!
...sighed a sigh because I realized that my girl is rapidly turning into a daddy's girl
...smiled a big smile because my girl is so cute when she reaches out for her daddy with little grunts and groans, despite the previous point :)
...saw my chair re-do project downstairs and decided that I must get on top of that. Here's a little glimpse of how things are going...(unfortunately I lost the original picture with all my other pictures in the Big Crash. Hopefully those of you who see this remember the "Before" look so you know how (pretty) drastic of a color change this is!

1 comment:

  1. Love the "stay off facebook" point :)
    The chair looks really good! I love red!



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