Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blood tests for babies. Blah.

This morning I have to take Hadassah in for a lead poisoning blood test and I'm not going to like it. Drawing blood from Hadassah when she was a newborn was bad enough. Now, she's older and screams when the doctor comes at her with a stethoscope. How much more will she scream at the lab??! But, it must be done. And so we go.

Last night the 'guys' were over for supper. All five of them. But two of the three 'extra guys' were cute and cuddly and played with blocks on the floor with Hadassah. We sang a couple Psalters after dinner with Derek playing and our living room sounds so lovely filled with singing!! On Sunday evening we had the young people over. Every inch of the living room was taken up with people, it seemed, and with everyone singing, it just sounded so beautiful. It makes we want to have company over just so we can sing with them. :) Any takers?

Anne has kindly given me a sewing project to do and I'm SO looking forward to doing it. She's asked me to make her a new diaper bag. Yesterday the fabric came in, and I washed it right away out of eagerness to get to it. Thing is, I don't have time for a bit to start (due to design projects...) and so it'll have to sit on the shelf, clean, neatly folded, ready-to-go, and tease me for a bit. As for the design projects that have been taking up my time, I've made this business card:

and this poster:
Interested in going? I'm sure it'll prove to be a good conference...

And that's what I've been up to lately. That and reading a lot more, which has been wonderful. GirlTalk blog mentioned John Piper's appeal to everyone to try to read a good book at least 15 minutes a day, and I thought I'd try and take that on. At only 15 minutes a day, you end up reading something like 10ish books per year??? Something like that... it was a motivation to read, at any rate. I also find that my 15 minutes, once I've actually sat down to read, turns into more. I finished Noel Piper's book "Treasuring God in your Traditions" and am still working through "12 Sermons on Prayer" by Spurgeon. Oh, and I finished "Your Family, God's Way" by Wayne Mack...very, very good book!! Highly recommend it.

Well how's that for babbles this morning? Off to take on the day...

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  1. We're coming over. We have some seriously powerful singers in this family. We call it "cutting loose!"

    Where's my trifold?



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