Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is it almost the end of the week already?!?!

I suppose that's what happens when Monday is busy running broken computers to stores and randon decisions to tear down wallpaper borders in bathrooms. And I guess that's what happens when Tuesday is literally a full day of shopping. (Kohl's is deserted at 9:30pm, how grand!!) And it just so happens that time flies when Wednesday is design project catch-up day, phone calling day and having guys over for supper day. And then when Thursday is returning items from Tuesday's shopping day, photography day (gotta get those citizenship papers/photos taken care of...) and taking Hadassah to get another blood test......the week is pretty much over before I know it!

No worries on the blood test. She went in for lead poisoning and they noticed something quirky in her blood which is probably just her fighting a virus...but they want to be sure and my poor girl got pricked yet again. She was super brave today, though. My little trooper. :)

And I can't tell you how much I'm anticipating this weekend. We are, last minute like, going to a Paul Tripp marriage conference Friday night and Saturday morning. I'm really looking forward to it! His books are great, and I've been to a few sessions of his Shepharding a Child's Heart video study, so I really look forward to it! I'll let you know how it goes...

Then there's dinner @ Chris and Heather's on Saturday night, which is always a great time. YP on Sunday night. Full weekend! But a good one. I hope that your (whoever 'you' are!!) weekend is a good one - especially Sunday. Have a blessed Lord's Day!!


  1. you forgot to brag on tim's new computer.

  2. how was the marriage conference? we went to his S.A.C.HEART one a couple years ago. very practical/biblical training. we loved it! hope you and Tim had a good time



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