Friday, March 20, 2009

CS4, here we go!!!

CS4 would be Adobe's Creative Suite 4, the latest version of the design programs I use for all my work. This is what Tim kindly got me for my birthday (and before you look it up online and FREAK OUT at the cost of it, as I did, don't worry....he found a fabulous, incredible deal no, we didn't buy a $1000+ program!!!!) and the pretty little box has been sitting in a place of honor on my cupboard for our computer to get back. Yes, our computer is still...a month later...somewhere at some HP fix-it place, waiting for a part, before it gets fixed and shipped back to us. So sad! My computer is the most used tool/equipment in my house and I miss him dearly. At least he's not dead. Anyways - I "broke down" and let Tim install it on his computer. And, as always, despite my initial protests, I'm thankful he did it. Love it. Really love it. And Tim...thanks!!!

(deb...ya jealous? ;) )

Updates on life here...Hadassah tricked us with those few steps. She's not walking any more than a week ago. Stinker! Although she's developed quite the talent for heading up the stairs on her own! Yesterday Tim was studying on the couch and I was playing the piano, and Hadassah wandered into the kitchen. I assumed she was headed for the bottom drawer of the cupboard because she loves to pull out all the place mats and table cloths in there, but after a couple of minutes thought I'd better to check. Good thing!! She was already on the landing, halfway up the stairs!!

This week has been a very busy one for Tim. He had two mid-terms, which he just completed and happily told everyone on Facebook. :) And next week he has to preach a sermon in front of the Theological Education Committee, to see if he can move on to more preaching this summer and his last year of sem. Last year!!! Ahhhh!!!! It's going by way too fast!

Me? I'm having days that go from "okay, Hadassah's busy or sleeping, let's see how much I can get done" chaos to "ah, Hadassah's awake and needs me around, so I can chill" relaxation in a matter of hours. But it's much better than the old days, where I let myself get stressed out steadily all day long. :) I think the sunshine has helped. Isn't it energizing and relaxing at the same time?! Bring on the spring...

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