Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back at it???

Perhaps. Back at life in Grand Rapids? Yup, got that under control. And today I even got around to cleaning (most) of the house, so we're home and clean! Woohoo! Back at my computer? Yup, that's covered too. Finally, my computer is back, safe and sound. We happened to be nearby BestBuy last night and thought we'd stop by and see if it was back from HP. It finally, finally was. And while I wouldn't say it was the best part of date night, it ranks pretty high up there. :) Back at blogging? Maybe...

For now, here are a couple (okay, maybe few...) of pictures to make up for some lost time.

Here, Hadassah meets (?have they met before?) Jacob - who is at least 5 months younger but about the same size as her!!!
When you walk into her bedroom to get her up from her nap...and you see can your heart do anything but melt??
Me and my girl on my birthday.
Quick stop in Mitchell to meet the Italian-looking (how'd he end up in the Bergsma family???) Blake. Cutest baby. Ever. Hands down. Absolutely adorable.
And what visit is complete without the full out Hadassah hug?? Her and Cy liked eachother. Then hated eachother. ("my toy!!") Then liked eachother. Then hat....

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