Sunday, April 5, 2009

Got the hang of it!

I was in babysit this evening at church and was pleased to discover that Hadassah walked from the toy box to baby Colton to Levi to the slide to the ball to the play house and back to the toy box. It's like it sunk in tonight that walking was the way to go. Woo hoo!!!! She's slow. But she's doing it. {And I'm pretty much convinced that it was the dresses. I had her in dresses three times this week and crawling and dresses just don't work very well for her. So maybe those frustrating moments paid off...If there are any moms wanting to teach their daughters how to walk, put them in dresses and let me know if it works. Maybe I'm on to something here?!'s more likely that this is a known trick and being a first time mom, I'm claiming credit where credit is NOT due. :) }

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