Monday, April 13, 2009

What my weekend looked like:

* Friday morning in Chatham church where Tim preached "Who Crucified My Lord?"
* lunch @ my mom and dad's where Hadassah showed off her walking skills
* a trip to Colisonti's and dinner @ Chatham burger. Colisonti's was a great hit for Hadassah, because she got to roam with the goats and feed a deer. And of course, this was an even greater hit for Tim because he got to show her how to do it all. :)
* an evening of Yatzee with my mom
* a morning of relaxing
* an afternoon date with Tim while my parents watched Hadassah. We got value menu McDonald's burgers and drove around chatting - sounds boring, perhaps, but we enjoyed it immensley!!
* an evening on YouTube, checking out some vantriliquist (sp?), who was actually quite good. Basically, another evening of just hanging out with mom and dad
* Sunday morning in Chatham, followed by a drive to London and lunch with Tim's parents, an afternoon in London church and then the (rather long) drive home
*and this morning is filled with laundry, catching up on emails, and, well, just catching up

But it was a good weekend. And the highlight was hearing Tim's Good Friday sermon - that ultimately, God Himself crucified His Son, so that we might live. Christ is risen, Allelujah!

How was your weekend?

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