Monday, April 13, 2009

The story of a diaper bag

Anne is having a baby. Anne wanted a new diaper bag. Anne asked Jen to make a diaper bag for her. Jen made Anne a diaper bag. Jen took "before" pictures:

Here is a shot of some of the Amy Butler fabric Anne picked out. (I shamelessly promoted Amy Butler to her because working with her fabric just makes working on a project that much more delicious...!) Love the colors....
This picture also features the pinking shears I got from Marcel for the Bergsma Christmas gift exchange. Thanks Marcel!! Great pick....
And here is the magic that my new pinking shears more zigzag stitch for me! Yah!
And here is the stack, neatly cut, ready to go.
Now I patiently wait for Anne to take after shots, since I forgot to do it myself. Oopsy. Stay tuned for the conclusion to the story!


  1. I love the finished product Jenn.. I saw them today!! I LOV EIT!!! To bad I don't live closer to you.. I would LOVED to have ordered one from you too!

  2. nice! I want to see the after pics!



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