Tuesday, June 30, 2009

brenda & aaron kulbe . may 29'09.

Brenda, thank you for entrusting me to take your wedding pictures. It was a privilage (and scary - in a 'oh-no-i-don't-wanna-ruin-these-once-in-lifetime-picture-moments kinda way). I love you for loving them. :) Aaron - take good care of my friend!

And the best picture of all, because it's me and my closet-sharing-jump-on-the-bed-to-wake-you-up-to-chat-then-up-til-midnight roommate. Those were good days, Bren!


  1. JEN!

    Thanks for sharing those photos-They are beautiful...and now that we are friends on fb I can be "nosey" about all of your other photos too!
    Yes....I love my camera, and am determined to use it to to the fullest. Actually my sister and I just recently did a little photo shoot with my niece (Ava). AND back in January we did engagement photos for a couple (sister of my sister-in-law). They are on my blog if you are interested....and then they asked us to do their wedding in October!! Like you....one day I'm thrilled thinking about it- the next I'm quaking in my flip-flops!
    So....my questions. ANY TIPS?!?
    And you have a pretty heavy duty editting program right? I just recently bought the Storybook Creator from Creative Memories (same as Jeanette)...as we have included in our "package" for the wedding a storybook.....all quite exciting!
    Anyways....enough of my ramblings!
    Again- enjoyed the photos...and enjoy your blog! Very nice.
    Take care...have a great week!
    God bless.
    Christine Valk

  2. you caught some really neat moments/expressions Jen. Great job!

  3. Wow these are really great Jen! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding :) How would you feel about taking some family photos for us sometime??? See you tomorrow!

  4. AMAZING pics!!! Love the effects etc. Beautiful job Jen!!!

  5. Jen - thank you for taking care of the photography for us. You ROCK!

    These pictures are EXCELLENT!

    I will definitely take care of Brenda. I am having a wonderful time doing so, already.

    She is an absolute delight!



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