Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh the lovliness of freshly applied ArmorAll !

And a cleaning that makes black, b l a c k. Really black. Like, the kinda black that made both of us groan when we drove our new {black} van through construction, aka dust.

Please join us in welcoming the newest, and already much loved member of the family: Ford Windstar SE Sport. Between the polish on the outside and the squeaky cleaness of the inside, right down to dad's persistant scrubbing off of bugs from our license plate, she's a lovely sight to behold. And oh the space!! Who's worried about getting the two carloads we brought to Canada back home? Not us!!

Yup. We're happy. And thankful. And going out for a drive....see ya!


  1. Hello Tim,Jennifer and Hadassah,
    As we were viewing the Blog of my nephew and wife, Robert & Taunya van Doodewaard we saw a picture of Taunya and two other young ladies, Theresa and I said to each other, the lady on the far left looks like Jennifer Brinkman. Having checked with Taunya she confirmed this. Quite a small world isn't it? William and Tracy moved onto our street just a few houses up the street from us.
    We just thought to drop you a line.

    Greetings and all the best,

    John & Theresa van Doodewaard



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