Wednesday, August 12, 2009

home again, home again, jiggity jig

This is one of the last things you want to see as you head home after being gone for 5 weeks:
(taken from a dead stop, at [noted] 7 k's away from the border) But it turned out to be construction. Soon we were inching, kilometer-ing, mile-ing our way home. And here we are. Laundry underway. Mostly unpacked. Garden weeded. (how did THAT make it to the top of my to-do list? not sure myself, actually...) Oh the joys of home!!

Despite a teeeensy tiny bit of moaning and groaning about our desire to be back in GR, we did have a great time in Chatham. It was a busy 5 weeks. Eventful, too. Didn't get to visit nearly as many friends as planned. But we did visit a number of sweet couples and families from Chatham FRC, and so we made new friends. Didn't get to the fun sounding birthday party for Deb. But we did get to celebrate birth-days for two sweet new baby boys. [congratulations to the parents and hello to Tristan & Jordan!] Didn't have to go to the hospital when Hadassah had a super high fever. But we did go to the hospital to visit my dad after his minor heart attack. [see? told you it was eventful!]

[one event that we could've done without, although we were thankful to be in Chatham at the time, was Friday afternoon when we got a call from my mom that dad was in the hospital. he had had a minor heart attack. Friday through most of Sunday he spent in ICU, and he was taken to London hospital Monday, had a stint put in and is doing well. please join us in praying for continued recovery!]

But all in all, it was a good time. God blessed us and kept us from beginning to end. We're thankful.

And we're home!

Here are a couple pictures of our time away:


  1. Glad you guys made it back home safely, and that you had a good time in Canada! :)

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, but thankful that he is doing well and mending slowly! Praise God!

    :) hugs and love!

  2. Just got a chance now to read through this past entry... glad you had a good time overall! CUTE pics!! Would have been really nice to have seen you, but there's always next time, right?



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