Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just when I thought of ending my blogging career...

Ya know, it's such an interesting thing meeting new people because they follow your blog!! While in Canada last week, three different people that I've never met before approached me and mentioned that they've enjoyed checking this very blog. Who'da thunk it?! So to those of you who approached me about it - thank you! For not only showing an interest, but for going out of your way to tell me about it!

Canada was great. We had the privilage of being a part of Brenda & Aaron's big day. A much anticipated, much prayed about and hoped for day. It was such a blessing to (finally!) meet Aaron, his friends, and knowing that Brenda will be well taken care of and among a strong church family. All the best, you two. Here's a sneak peek of the pictures Brenda actually trusted me to take: (I'm assuming this is safe, since this one is on facebook already, minus the fiddling...)

One fun part of Canada was taking Hadassah on her first ever Storybook Gardens trip! We had a fun afternoon of freeeeezing cold water at the splash pad, tons of grit at the sandbox, and squeals and giggles at Old McDonald's barn. Here's a shot I particularly liked in the sandbox but I can't decide which 'version' I like best. What do you think?

vintage fade....

...or bright and punchy???


  1. bright and punchy. We really enjoyed listening to Tim in Vineland.
    Thank you,

  2. Liking them both... and as always I enjoyed reading your blog :-) I know what you mean about your "it is finished and it is good" feeling you wrote about today!
    Looking forward to seeing the other wedding pics from Brenda & Aaron someday soon!



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