Saturday, June 13, 2009

My house thanked me today. I'm pretty sure I heard it sigh in relief...

Because for the first time in a long, looong time I gave it a good, nooks and cranny cleaning. I'm talking hands and knees floor cleaning, wall wiping, basement floor scrubbing, closet organizing kind of clean. (should I admit that I didn't quite do everything and that there's still much to do? nah.) I've been getting by on the bare minimum clean for a few weeks now. Life's busy, what can I say? I know for a fact that this baffles some people. "You only have one child!! How can you be so busy?!" Don't worry peoples, I ask that myself all the time. Not quite sure about that one myself. (could it possibly be that I have a hard time saying no?? no. couldn't be.) At any rate, my house isn't the only one sighing in relief. I've let out a few of them myself since I finished up!

It makes me wonder if that sit-back-with-a-smile-because-I-just-worked-hard-and-completed-something feeling is a small, tiny, sort-of similar feeling to what God felt when He finished creating His world and said "It is good". Now...I obviously realize that essentially there is no comparison. It wasn't 'hard work' for God to create the world because He's omnipotent. And that accomplishment feeling can't even get close to resulting in "it is good" like it did when God said it. What He made truly was good. It was perfect. What little things are accomplished in our daily walk are far from perfect simply because of our sinful nature. But! When things are done in obedience to Him, with a cheerful spirit and by His strength - whether it's cleaning a house or finishing a school year or any kind of work - are we designed by God to 'follow His lead' and truly enjoy those times? Just wonderin'.

Oh. Almost forgot. Here's hoping that Dad Bergsma was sincerely surprised with the family breakfast and afternoon church family gathering/shin-dig/party today for his birthday. :) I'd say you're doin' pretty good! Actually birthday last weekend, surprise parties this weekend and Father's Day next weekend. Don't get overwhelmed, now.

Ok. Off to Goodwill for a drop-off...

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  1. jennifer lynn.. what an inspiration you are! i decided to check out your blog again (to catch up on what's been going on with you down in the U-S-of-A... and..maybe to check out your latest wedding pics of Brenda & Aaron's big day... just maybe :) hehe Of the few pics I've seen, they were very well done - what a happy, great looking couple!
    Then, I started to read your tidbits of bloggage (hehe) and I thought what a breath of fresh air you are! You seem like you're justa' loooovin' being a mom and a wifey, and it's great to see how awesome you're taking it all in! Your note about feeling so great about getting a good nick n' cranny clean in and apparently not in the least bothered to do it - i gotta' try that out sometime! I would try sooo hard not to cringe when James "encourages" :D:D me to iron "happily" HA (not to mention doing it more than four times a year ..haha!)
    So here's my line of support to you - keep your blog a'goin'!
    When i'm not in the mood to clean my house - nick n' cranny style - i will think of this blog :) how complimentary haha! Anyway - say hi to tim and hadassah-baby awwshocute :) and take care! xo lataun :)



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