Friday, August 21, 2009

We're back! We're leaving!

Not a single picture. Unbelievable! We were at our church's family camp for 2 days and I forgot my camera!!! But here's hoping that the shots Martha took on the hay ride turned out so I have one shot of my sweet girl from our week at Family Camp. Which went very well, by the way. A little rain never hurt anybody, and we left with a renewed awe of our God. Spiritual food. We were full. And very blessed.

And now that my laundry is almost done, I'm about to start packing. I just wanted to come on here and squeeeeeeeal in excitement for a moment because we are very soon to be in the air on the way to Calgary!! Watch out bears, we're taking up residence in your territory for a few days! (don't worry...we won't tempt you with food smells...and we won't play with your cubs...) So if the squeal didn't give it away, let me inform you that I am VERY excited about a few days of camping with my husband and 'dassah. A few relaxing, peaceful, creation-exploring days in the Rockies.

And when I get back, I'll tell you all about it.

Now. Let's see how much I can cram into one small suitcase...

1 comment:

  1. Have a great time! And definitely take along that camera of yours... I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!



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