Monday, September 14, 2009

I played racquetball today.

I've never played racquetball before. In fact, I might even be spelling it wrong. But Becky introduced me to racquetball and I think I rather like it.

Kinda like when Tim introduced me to tennis. (now Deb, before you get all sad about me forgetting my game with you and your dad and...was it Laura? Florida, don't. i remember. and i enjoyed immensely. but i was so terrible that i thought i should do the world a favor and never play again. so i'm not counting it as my 'official introduction'.)


Sports with rackets and balls. I like them. It's official. Not very good at them. But I like them.

*changing topic* Aren't you just loving this weather? Did someone say it's September? If so, I think they're mistaken. It's definately mid-August out there. The gorgeous, bright yellow mum sitting on our front porch looks...out of place...somehow.

On a semi-somewhat cooler day last week I had the urge to pull out some fall decorations and go all autumny. But I think I'll wait a bit. Apple cider, indian corn, and pumpkins on my porch will just have to wait until it feels more...ready...


  1. Soak in the late summer... that's my plan! As much as I love autumn with all it's lovely smells and sights, summer just can't stay long enough for me!

    Glad you discovered/re-discovered the fun of wacking a ball, Jen. Now we have to get you into golf, I think. Sorta the same, but even better ;-)

  2. Golf. Hmmm. I dunno, Marlaine! That might take a lot of convincing. Did you just recently get into it?



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