Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It was Tim's idea...

And I was so very impressed by it! Last night at dinner he claimed that he was making dinner tomorrow night and that I was to consider myself busy between 5 and 7 pm.

Um, ok! Sure thing!

Off he went to the grocery store, and home again jiggity jig to make us supper. It included subs, dessert (called 'Cream Horns' I believe, from Meijer. So yum.), two little tubs of salad and drinks for all. He even remembered to pack napkins! Do I sound impressed? I was. I am! I love Tim.

And while I can't believe I'm posting pictures of our fun and relaxing picnic dinner and evening stroll before giving more vacation-out-west pictures...well...here they are:

Tim and Hadassah polishing off the delish dessert. For those of you who know Meijer Gardens, our picnic area of choice was beside the waterfall in that little circle of benches that make you think "if I had a small family and only 2 friends, I'd so get married here."
And yes, each of these are all 'actioned up'. I can't help myself, really. Click, click and then, click and you've got these amazingly cool photographs that make you look like a fabulous artist. This is the kind of cheating I can handle...
Here are Tim and Hadassah taking a stroll...or in Hadassah's case, a bounce...along the sculpture path. This is the one everyone sees from the Beltline. For all you Canadians, the Beltline is the sorta mini-highway with the oddity called "Michigan turns". Ya know. The thing I explain in depth while we travel down there on the way to Hobby Lobby and Target...
Here's us. Awww.
And isn't this just the sweetest picture? Ever?! I actually had her sit in front of the gorgeous pots of mums they sport right now at FMG. They're everywhere and they're very fall-y and vibrant. But this shot just looked so great in black and white that you'll just have to use that imagination of yours to think of the colors.

Ok, and while I was fiddling around in photoshop, I worked with this one. I call this my Cinderella shot, since that broom in hand and look on her face just reminded me of my wicked step-mother ways once in awhile...like at this moment in time where I said "Sweep the porch for mommy."
Oh, I'm sure there was a please in there somewhere, too. I'm not all mean.

Enjoy. Happy Tuesday.

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