Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That time of year....again....already....

"Daddy, what are you watching?"
"Why, the Leafs, sweetie...don't you remember watching them with daddy last year? Lean in and I'll tell you a secret...the Leafs are the best team out there".
"Daddy, you'd better not tell Uncle Dan that secret. He won't like you much."
"Well then, it'll be our little secret. Go Leafs Go!!"


  1. my poor....poor...innocent...sweet...little Hadassah, oh how your dad corrupts your little mind. Must we remind him how he (only a few months ago) wept so many tears over his "Beloved Leafs" as they again rolled over and played dead!!!

  2. Love it. Yeah, no matter how badly they do, year after year, the Leafs still have that "something" that keeps fans coming back.



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