Saturday, September 26, 2009


You know those "Before" bathroom pictures I posted a couple of days ago? Well...

I regret to inform those of you who have faithfully dedicated your day to checking for the "After" pictures every hour because waiting for such a thing is like the morning of your haven't slept since that thrill at the thought of seeing what magic I've accomplished in there...etc., that you're just going to have to wait a few more days. Possibly weeks. I'm truly sorry!

Yes, it was painted.

No, it did NOT turn out as planned.

Yes, I had a vision.

No, I my visions don't always my vision.

Coming to the rescue is my super fabulous future sister-in-law, Cherise The Interior Decorator. But she won't arrive until next week, and then I have to re-paint, and then I have to finish putting everything together. It's a good thing one of the least expensive ways to decorate is a good ol' can of paint! MUCH cheaper than the uber expensive light fixtures I was looking at to solve the "this is too dark" problem.

That was my 'urgh'.

And probably the 'urgh' for those sleepless readers out there who were counting each moment to the big reveal.

Ha! Who am I kidding?? This blog is NO Pioneer Woman blog!!!



  1. oh man! I'm sure you'll get the right colour, it just might take a few more coats. I just said Argh! for you too!

  2. SHeeSH! I've been checking each day, each hour ... and even waking in the middle of the night to check for those pictures!!! I wanna see what you do!!!

    JK ... well about waking at night and checking ... I have been checking during the days though ... I's a curious friend (lol I almost wrote fiend there!)

    I'm sure, as per Jen usual, it will turn out bEAUtifully!! :)

  3. I'd bet anything that it actually looks fantastic, like everything you've done in the house, Jen!

  4. ladies, ladies, ladies...your confidence in my decorating skills is flattering and i could hug each of you for it! ;)
    i'm kinda excited about the finished product, now. it won't be for a couple of weeks yet, but now it's not just a coat (or three) of paint, but possibly a new floor, too!!! Woohoo!!!



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