Monday, October 19, 2009

4 years. 4 long, long years.

4 years of being married to the most WONderful man alive. It still amazes me and makes me so thankful to God that He worked out all the details of me meeting, falling in love with, marrying and spending the past 4 years with Tim.

"4 long, long years".

Make no connection there. Please. I'll have you know that the being married part wasn't the 'long' part of the title of this post. My four years with Tim have flown by in their wonderfulness. The long part? In those 4 years of marriage, we've never had a real bed.

Yes, for serious, this post is about a bed.

I am very thankful, mind you, for the mattress and bed rails that we've had. But as of today, we will no longer trip over the string of the sleeping bag cover that sat under the wheel of the bed rails so it wouldn't slide across the master bedroom floor as we sat down to pull on our socks. We will no longer lean back on the wall (for lack of a headboard) to read a book only to slowly slide down as the bed rolls away from the wall. We will no longer wonder what it would be like to own a real, honest, four legged bed. Because....

Thanks to Cherise for noticing a really fabulous deal/sale on a rather lovely bed at BigLots, we now have a gorgeous bed to match the gorgeous new comforter I found at (no surprise here) Target to replace our old, holey, faded, too small for two cover hogs such as ourselves, comforter.

Love it. Love love it.


During set up...(such a big helper...really!) (and the soother is because she's sick right now. truly.)


Oh, and this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots that I must share with you all. Please note: Tim is making.our.bed. *gasp*

I think his tongue might even be sticking out from the effort. Hard to say.

Is Jen excited? To say the least. And she's very grateful for good deals. And she's talking about herself in third person. That's weird.

Jen is gonna crawl into bed now and sleep with a smile on her face...


  1. Beautiful! I saw that bedspread at Target and thought of you!

  2. You are very welcome, Jen! Glad you loved it!

  3. I must say it is gorgeous!!! I lov it too!

    I can't believe you got rid of the blue/beige/brown one ... haven't you had that forever and then some?! :)

  4. thanks ladies - i'm happy to say that 24 hours later, I still LOVE it!! :)

    bren: I KNOW!!! you were there when i bought it, right? remember how i wanted a king, but they didn't have any in stock...and i bought the queen?? i knew back then already that i'd regret it, which i so often did when i woke up cold in the middle of the night from my blanket hogging husband. ;) how's aaron for that?



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