Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Remember these bathroom "before pictures"?

Well, this morning I finally got around to picking up the paint so I could get going on this bathroom! Goal: Have it done by the end of the week. And since the Student's Wives Bible Study Meet'n'Greet was cancelled tonight (due to so many people sick - are you sick too?), I had an afternoon and evening to get a good start on it. And so, here are some during shots.

Love this paint mug! (official name? no clue. but c'mon, it looks like a mug and it holds paint...paint mug!!) It's very handy. And you'll notice faded in the background the chocolate milky color that the bathroom was first painted a couple of weeks ago. I'm tossing this one up as a learning experience. Way too dark. Here's a shot (with me! that's rare...) that shows the brown color with the new pale aqua-y color that I've finished on the opposite wall. I'm halfway done as of right now and what a difference already! (although, this picture doesn't do either color justice...but at least you get the idea...)Here is a shot of the shower curtain that started this whole deal. From Target (no surprises there, right?) clearance rack. Loved it so much! It has a vintagy feel to it and, well, it didn't hurt that it was suuuper cheap. ;) Plus, it has aqua in it.

Aqua is my new neutral. Poor Tim. He hates aqua.

But he's very sweet about letting me decorate with it. All is well in this Bergsma household.

Again, the lighting on this pic doesn't give you the best view of how it looks, but this is just a peek anyway. I'll take "After" shots some early morning at dawn (oh wait, dawn isn't so early anymore, is it? guess I'll have to sleep in longer....that's a bummer!) when the lighting is best.At the risk of making this post too long, I just wanted to add that tonight, Tim and I read a fabulous little section in Wayne Grudum's Biblical Theology. (We read a paragraph or two every night after dinner as part of our family worship - GREAT book! He has a gift of making theology very, very readable and understandable and make-sense-able...highly recommended) Anyway, it was talking about how God's creation is to show His glory. And man reflects this (as we are made in His image...) by the desire to "create" things ourselves. Kids like to color and build blocks. Women like to decorate and craft. Men like to build houses and make machines. We (especially those whom He's given creative talents to) like to make things have form and function - order and beauty. And reading that put a whole new spin on 'homemaking' this little house of ours. It gave me a little thrill, in fact. No wonder I want all the hangers in my closet to be the same shape and color...and to have complimentary colors when I cook just so it looks pretty on the plate...and to make sure the throw pillow on the couch is just the right color. It's in each of us to create and make things because we were made in our creator's image! How cool is that?

I think it's pretty cool.

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