Monday, November 9, 2009

Around the house

It seems as though everyone has been sick in the past few weeks, with at least the minimum cold. We had it over here off and on. Well, Tim and Hadassah have had it off and on. So far, it's managed to skip me. Am I ever thankful for that!!

But there are a couple things I tried to help them out and I thought I'd share them...because they seemed to help!

Hadassah had a little regiment going of a children's "hot toddy" in the morning, and one in the morning. Brilliant stuff! Apple juice warmed up with real lemon juice squeezed in, as well as a couple teaspoons of honey. At night I followed that with one spoon of plain honey, a smathering of BabyVic's on her chest and back, and a fresh VapoPad put into the Vic's Plug-in, as well as having the humidifier running. She slept SO much better the nights that I did all of this. These are probably super common for the average mom, but all new to me! Thanks Mr. Internet and Mrs. Suzanne for your advice.

And for Tim - I introduced him to echinacea and Red Pepper Soup.He fought it for days. (a cold, not the soup...) Snored for days. Slept on the couch for days. But I'm convinced that he never got it reallllly bad because of the Red Pepper Soup. ;) And it was such a big pot that I was able to freeze some of it and serve it to Deb and Marlaine this weekend, who I'm sure would've noticed an instant cure...had they had colds. But they didn't. They were well. And so much fun! Hadassah loved getting to know her aunties. And here are some random pictures of our Dassah enjoying the fall. You'll notice on the the picture below that she has a leaf on her nose? Well...we went for a walk but forgot to bring along some Kleenex. A cold and the crisp autumn air didn't do well for Hadassah's nose and so before I started pictures, I had wiped her nose with the only available tissue nature offered - a leaf! And so when I said to Tim "oh look, her nose is running again", the first thing she did was grab a leaf and give her nose a wipe.

Yup. She's a smart one!Here she is with "Beo" (Leo), her partner in learning how to share. Some of their more frequent words the morning of his visit were "Mine" and "No, mine". And here is my little helper. We had our first coloring-on-the-wall incident a few days ago. She saw mommy clean it up and had to get in on that. So she somehow found her own rag, cleaned the wall, then wiped her nose...cleaned the wall, then wiped her nose. Let's just say mommy cleaned the wall again.

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