Monday, November 16, 2009

Done. And done.

What a great feeling! As of 9:47 this morning, our upstairs bathroom is complete. Finished. Done.


A quick dab of the paintbrush around the new light fixture (which was smaller than the previous one), some scrapping and pulling of *the* artwork on the wall that definately makes the bathroom, and a few clicks of the camera, and I can happily unveil...

...our bathroom.

Here's the big wall, impatiently waiting some oomf:And here it is, sighing in relief now that it is prettified: (ok, so the flash popped up for the before picture, and I changed the ISO on the second = no flash = different tint of paint...and then back to flash on the third...sorry!)These shots are little vignettes of the different stuff around the room:
Curtains:This mirrow used to be a bronzy color. I love spray paint. And I love that I found the picture holder...perfect solution for the mirror that Tim simply would not let me pack away. "How am I gonna check for bedhead at the back of my head?!"Splash of greenery. Here's hoping it survives in this somewhat dark corner...Also note the new hand towel holder. I went to Menard's in search of a hand towel holder and toilet paper holder, hoping to find something that went well with the new-ish towel bar. Can you imagine my giddiness when I came home to discover that I got the exact match?! And then imagine my delight when I realized I got the exact match on the exact week they were on sale?!

Yup. I was excited!A while ago, I fell in love with these blue (aqua, really) tinted canning jars that I kept seeing (and starting snatching) at yard sales. How perfect are they in here?! I know, right?! So perfect!!Found this bird (candle holder, actually) at Target awhile back and just loved him. The quote in the frame is a new favorite of mine..."There is nothing like staying home for real comfort". (Jane Austen) I want to change the design of it, but...eventually. And the clock is from Hadassah's room. I went nuts changing her room around a couple of weeks ago, too, and used the idea of "shopping your home" from the Nesting Place to shuffle things around a bit. So glad I did, because I love it in here!And here's an overall shot while standing in front of the sink. *sigh* It's so nice to be done! Of course, I did enjoy doing it and I'm sure I'll shop my house and switch things up again eventually, but to have the final image's great. And here's the little sweetheart who helped me from start to finish...right down to washing the walls again this morning while I stuck on my vinyl art.

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