Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A bucket of crayons

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. 3 loads of laundry, 1 huge pot of spaghetti sauce, 1 pan of squares, floors swept, rooms tidied, bathroom reno finished, bathroom reno blogged about, work done on the magazine I'm designing, touch up paint jobs completed, fresh sheets on the beds, pictures ordered, menu and grocery list done.

*Note: keeping busy helps husband-less time pass quickly.*

Question: How was I able to do much of this with my 2 year old running around?
Answer: A bucket of crayons. Whoever invented crayons - I thank you.

Me: Hey Hadassah, whatcha doing?
Das: Hmmmm? Oh, I'm coloring mom!...
...see? Here's all my crayons. Remember? You told me you got them at a garage sale before I was even born. Aren't you glad you got them, mommy? Cause they're coming in handy, aren't they mommy? Betcha you're glad they were free, right mommy?......take a look, mommy. I'm drawing daddy!...
...come closer! Look! There's daddy.
Me: Oh, he's very handsome, Dassah...great job! Who else did you draw?
Das: Well...here's Pa! (Tim's dad)
Me: Oh, wow! Looks just like him! You're quite the little artist. Is this one me?
Das: Silly mommy! That's not you! That's Miss Piggie!!......see?!...
...here's you, mom.
Me: Oh yes. Now I see it. How silly of me! Well, are you having fun? I'm getting so much done while you color - thanks, babe!
Das: Yeah. I like coloring...
...can I come out now?

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  1. Love your commentary on this, Jen! Imagine how many pics she'll be colouring in the next few years... and how many different looks you'll have! Miss Piggie is a nice start LOL.

    The bathroom vinyl thing looks fab too :-)



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