Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas cards

Designed? Check.

Ordered? Check.

On their way? Yes!

Yesterday we received an email from Snapfish, where I get my pictures and photo books printed, that if you spend $5, you can 100 free prints. Well sure! I can handle that. Catch: must be ordered by midnight. And then I realized that I certainly didn't have 100 new prints to order, since I just ordered a whack of prints 2 weeks ago. But what item that involves a family pictures will I soon need to order in bulk? Christmas cards! So I scrambled around last night making a Christmas card that just happens to be 4x6, got through the slooooow process of ordering (everyone must've taken advantage of that couponcode!) and now have Christmas cards on their way here.

Check. (I love checking things off my lists!!!)

And no, I cannot post a sneak peak. That would absolutely destroy the joy of getting it in the mail. Don't ask again...! ;)

1 comment:

  1. 53 Fieldway Drive
    Hamilton ON
    L9A 2L5

    Just in case you've somehow forgotten, or in case I never gave you my new one...




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