Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adventures in Spraypaint

Remember a little mention of spray paint in my bathroom post? Well I just took 10 minutes to finish up a project with two other frames I spray painted that day and so I thought I'd take 3 minutes to write about it.

Happy you, eh?

(the above sentance is clear evidence of a Canadian. And I love that. I hope I always and forever say "eh"...)

Ok, so. I took a trip to Hobby Lobby a few weeks back looking for a) a really cheap cork board and a really cheap white board that matched reasonably well or b) two cheap picture frames, one w/glass in tact and the other didn't matter about the glass since I would cover it with cork. Was I delighted or what when I found not only a picture frame w/glass in tact AND a cork board, both in the clearance section. It hurt a little that they weren't the same size. I was oh-so hoping. But this is good for me. Out my "must match" box.

Well next I travelled across the street to the thrift store, as I often do because it's right across the road. And would you believe I found frames that would've worked too?! But it's alright, really! Because they were more expensive!! Oh how I love that.

A little spray paint later......and a little material and ribbon and voila! A new white board (did you know you can use dry-erase markers on glass?) and cork board set for my little office-in-our-bedroom.And..........check! (have I mentioned that I love checking things off my to-do list? hmmm, yes I believe I have.)

Here's a sneak peak at yet another spray paint project:Can you guess??


  1. that's so fun! I'm guessing you're making something christmasy since it's red but thats as close as I can get?
    I love how the bathroom wall tattoo (decal, whatever it is)turned out.

  2. nope...nothin' christmasy...which is why it might not get done until after christmas!!! :)
    thanks - i love the bathroom decal too!!!

  3. I have just joined the land of spray paint. I have enjoyed a couple of successful projects and some less successful. My sinking realization while reading through your blog is that while I enjoy, admire, maybe even envy looking what other talented women such as you do to their homes, I just don't have the eye for it. Too bad! Or maybe it's the 5 dear children and lack of time.
    Anyway, I'm so glad I came across your blog and will keep an eye on what you do with those frames!
    Leanne Overduin

  4. So how's this project going, Jen? Are they up?



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