Thursday, December 10, 2009

About those free covers...

Hopefully this isn't true, but check out the latest comment on the post I, well, posted a couple of days ago....just FYI. If that's the case, please don't shoot me!!!


  1. love love love your new festive background Jen! .....and anonymous posted that on my blog too. I saw on a friends fb that they did receive theirs so I hope it is truly a deal!

  2. Hi Jen,

    I've ordered one, and so has my sister in Canada and a few other various friends in the US. This was a few months ago when they were having a different free promo. We all got our covers and they are nice and work well.
    Its not a scam. They are able still able to make money on the shipping fee, and also are able to gain exposure for their new business. Anyway, have no fear, they werent scammers in the past.

  3. "just wondering if you got the Udder Cover...I just got a phone call that my credit card was cancelled due to some fraud or something...and I was wondering if it was connected to that I thought I would check to see if you got yours?" from my facebook

    I'm not trying to scare anyone or be mean...I just want everyone to keep an eye on your statement. I do know 2 ppl who received them w/ no problems.

  4. Anon: I did get it!! I was gonna post about it, but haven't gotten around to it...thanks for asking! (they do have a better business bureau thingy on their site....)

  5. Just letting you know I got mine in the mail! There was no fraud:)



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