Thursday, December 10, 2009

He is so gonna shoot me for putting that number in the title.

But that's ok. Because what's a weekend-long birthday celebration without a number to put all the celebrating with? We're so thankful to God for each of those 31 years - why not shout it out? Right honey? ;)

And what better way to tell you about Tim's birthday last Sunday than to show you? In no particular order....(ok, I suppose they are in order, but for whatever reason, my fingers wanted to type that)
Hadassah and I decorated together. Sorta. Truth is, she didn't help at all. But she had fun trying to blow up balloons and attach bits and pieces of streamers to the wall without tape.He tried to get away with opening the presents before the card. Sneaky sneaky!Hadassah, of course, helped him every step of the way. Even pulling the card out. She had almost as much fun as Tim, I think!Present #1: New slippers. Now Jeremy, before you get upset about having the slippers you got Tim two years ago, first know that the reason I got Tim new slippers was because he wore his others ALL.THE.TIME!! They were wearing so thin...And present #2: "Wow, this box is huge Jen! Is it really for me?! What is it?! Oh, Hadassah, uh, slow down kiddo!" (I'm wondering where he thinks she got her eagerness for present opening from?!?! Who else but the master present-ripper-opener)A National Geographic Visual Atlas of the World. One fact about my husband, he looooves maps. Loves them. Could stare at them for hours. During his breaks from studying, you can find him travelling the world via googleEarth. So I figured this would be an appropriate and appreciated gift.And I was right! While Hadassah went off to play with the mess of wrapping and packing paper......and while I went off to make his birthday meal of choice (ewwwy, but hey, he got to pick)......he sat and oogled and stared and flipped page after page and almost literally sighed in contentement at every turn. :) I'm sure the slippers contributed to the whole feeling!Then, after church, it was off to the Huck's for a combo celebration, because Seth recently turned...a magic number somewhere in the same proximity as Tim's. (not sure if I'm allowed to reveal his age!) Here is their cake...can you guess what it's supposed to be? Hint: the bulk of the candles form a hill. And after a few huffs and puffs, all 60+ candles (Tim's + Seth's) were blown out and kids dove in to eat the icing off the ends of the candles and the adults dove in to eat the cake. It was a great weekend overall. Thanks to S&B for the Applebee's gift card! It served as a great start to a fabulous date night on Friday. And thanks to C&H for the donus!! Mmmmm.....

Almost makes me eager for my birthday...


  1. funny. why does Tim like maps so much? i'm the same way, maybe it's hereditary? (slippers too)

  2. Congrats on the birthday, Tim! Looks like you had a great day!
    Jen, love the new blog layout... very festive :-)



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