Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training *day.15.or.so*

That title is so deceiving.

Day 1 was short and sweet and ended on its very own evening. Day 4 and 5 were half-hearted attempts on my part. Day 10 I thought about trying it again.

But day whatever-it-was-yesterday was pure hope.

You see, this morning I am headed to a friends house who is also potty training her girl. We're going for the strength in numbers approach. And so yesterday morning I thought "Hmmm, let's try for a head start". I left the singing potty in the closet and tried her on the "big potty". Lo and behold!! I heard a trickle!! And despite one big flood on a kitchen chair while she helped me do dishes, she was quite consistantly able to go. On the toilet. Not on my carpet.

Now. I do realize that this probably isn't the most exciting thing to read about. But it thrills me! Progress on something that your child must learn is almost...relieving.

And so there's my share of interesting information in the blog world. Ha!

Start day 16.or.so.


  1. oh I am so putting off toilet training Jude until closer to three!(unless rob wants a go at it) but boys are usually slower than girls. I have memories of my other two, so I am not eager to do it again. underwear is the way to go (pull-ups are too comfortable when accidents happen)have fun Jen!

  2. All the best with potty training! I am starting to introduce the idea to our second son who is almost 3. We had a hard time with our first and decided to delay it this time around until he seemed ready. Not always a fun task, but something we have to go through as moms.

  3. Celebrate all the tiny victories! :) My almost two year old had a day last week where he wanted to take off his diaper of his own volition and then to my shock actually went in the potty! We've been doing low key, daily potty sits to get him comfortable with sitting on the potty for about a year, and celebrating any potty successes that happened (chocolate all round!) but that was the first time he showed real initiative. So exciting! Of course, nothing since, but oh well... :)



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