Saturday, February 27, 2010

I suppose it's only fair to let the world know that I am now 27 years of age + 1 day. Tim couldn't escape the announcement when his birthday rolled around. Nor could Hadassah. And it wouldn't be quite right to take writer's liberty to attempt denial at the fact that I especially couldn't avoid letting you know because so many people have been so sweetly sending their best wishes and celebrating with me that I must send out a big thank you to all!! Every little note, smile and phone call added to the joy of the day. Life, because God gives it, is worth celebrating. Thanks for your part in that celebration!

Although I have not a single picture, I can tell you that I've been quite literally celebrating non-stop since Thursday night. Celebrations ranged from seeing a play to having coffee with friends to going out for an afternoon and dinner with my husband. Fun, sweet memories. And somewhere in there was (and still is...) a 48oz. bag of M&M's.

Mmm. Chocolate.

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