Saturday, February 20, 2010

Red & Yellow with a splash of Curious George

A small splash.

It all started with Hadassah's love of Georgie - the $5 stuffed Curious George that Daddy couldn't leave behind at Kohl's one day.

That and my desire to make a cute cake. I could handle a Curious George cake for Hadassah's birthday, right? Sure! (although, as you'll read below....didn't happen)

So it was decided. Theme = Curious George. Colors = red & yellow. Done. Easy peasy.

And it started off well...I made these invites one afternoon with much fun and delight. I haven't done cards or worked with paper in ages! So to sit down one afternoon while Hadassah slept to do just that! - oh so fabulous.

But there it ended. Unless you count Curious George packaged fruit snacks. No Curious George cake. No Curious George craft or activity or pin.the.tail.on.George. And yellow.And fun! The decorations had more to do with me having fun than her enjoying them!! But that's ok...I figure it's good practice for my goal of making every birthday a special day for Tim & Hadassah.A few girls came over to celebrate and Hadassah loved it! They spoiled her. She loved that, too.During gift opening, one adorable girl thought all of the goodie bags that I made were for Hadassah too, so she brought them over. I thought "uh oh, those were for when they go out the door...and here they are, so tempting-like. Mind as well give them out now!"Wow.Chaos.

But it was great!

The cake? Not so Curious George. I decided on a simple, plain cake with yellow icing. She's only 2, right? No way she's remembering a Curious George cake...But lunch was red & yellow! Pizza's, yellow & red peppers, strawberries pinapple. Overkill on the color theme?Possibly.

Thanks SO much to the friends who came over to celebrate. Hadassah enjoyed herself so much!

And here are couple of "fiddled" pictures to sign off this post. Have a good weeked, folks.


  1. cute invite and window decorations!

  2. What a fun family you have...:) Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming Meme...I wanted to personally invite you to my cottage...I hope to see you soon! Meme



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