Friday, March 5, 2010

Could it be?

Could spring really truly be here already? 5 straight days of pure, warm, lovely sunshine. Snow is melting. Walks everyday. Fresh smells. Mmmm. Loving it indeed!

Raise your hands if you're getting the itch to spring clean.

Would it be weird to raise my hand to my own question? Because I just did.

There's something about that sunshine. It reaches all the way into your heart, making you cheerier. But it also reaches all the way into your dustiest, grungiest household corner, making you want to clean like you've never cleaned your house before.

I've been looking up hints and tips to spring cleaning on the internet and my favorite tip: one room a day. Why is this my favorite? I discovered that it's going to have to be my favorite because I can't do any more than that! I hope it's not just because I'm a complete slob that I took literally all morning to spring clean our upstairs bathroom. But between cleaning, organizing and refreshing everthing, it takes awhile! (and so I would be greatly comforted if I had a ton of comments on how it takes you readers o'mine a day to clean a room too!)

So do share, people! Don't keep these spring cleaning tips to yourself! Let me in on them...I'd love to implement every single one of them. Because my oh my, if this sunshine keeps up I'm going to want to clean until April rolls around!!


  1. Yes, I do my spring cleaning (in the summer) one room a day...and that is with no interruptions from children....and depending on the room, it means a 12 hour day! That's washing/organizing every square inch! :)

  2. Oh my, you want to talk about feeling like a slob? We have gorgeous sunshine here and I have NO desire to clean at all. Does that make me disgusting? Here's my one tip, paint the house one month before the sunshiney days hit. At least I know I don't have to do my walls! :) Moving in 1/2 year prior probably doesn't do too much to make it seem necessary either.
    Enjoy your cleaning. There is an undescribable ulifting for the spirits in the clean smell and organization.



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