Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Well, the sun has stopped shining. It's hidden itself behind the rain clouds. But I'm ok with that. Because the hope (and warmth!) of spring is sticking around.

And so is my desire to spring clean.

Although it's staying at desire right now. No other rooms have been done. Yet.

Thing is, if every room has a pleasant impulsive improvement, like my bathroom, then I may just have to do each room twice over!

I was in the process of pulling everything out of the mirror/cabinet thingy-ma-jigger in our bathroom for a good scrub/toss/organize. While cleaning, I was despairing over the fact that I simply could not do anything about some of the yuckiness of it. It's old. Poor thing can't help it. But it's ugly inside!
After taking a step back, pondering for a moment and letting the wheels turn, I had a lightbulb moment. I put on "Signing Time" (I feel justified in letting a DVD babysit my child when it's educational...) for Hadassah...... and raced downstairs with a mission. I was on the hunt for that jar of Modge Podge I bought awhile ago for another project......and some purty scrapbook paper.20 minutes later, I had a whole new bathroom cabinet. Clean AND pretty. There are still a couple of spots on the bottom that I didn't end up covering up but the paper is so distracting, I figure you wouldn't notice.I sure don't!

Best part? $0.00

1 comment:

  1. lovely! and Hadassah looks very cute and cozy in that big bed. :-)



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