Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh the sun!!

I sincerely hope that the tales of snow coming our way this weekend are as true as a princess feeling a pea under a pile of mattresses, and as sure as a finding the hen who lays golden eggs. Because it is just too lovely out there! I've been wearing sandals for two days now and loving every toe wiggling moment out of doors.

Mmmm. Spring.

So where have I been? Well, outside for starters. Enjoying a visit from my parents. Thrifting. DIYing. Taking pictures of the DIYs so I can share the projects with you...someday soon! And just enjoying the sun. I hope you're enjoying it too! One good thing about Michigan (& Ontario) winters: it makes spring that much more exciting!!

I do have a graphic design project that must get done today, so this post is coming to a fast close - but soon. I'll post more soon.

Have a brilliantly sunny day!!

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