Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Orange velvet?! Not for me, thanks!

Although that is exactly what I've had since the day I moved out, all through my single days, right up until I had the brilliant idea that I didn't have to live with it a day longer, 4 years into marriage.What what exactly is this {bright} velvet orange 'thing' I'm talking about?

Well, I covered it up with an inexpensive navy blue blanket in my 'hanging frames from the ceiling' years. And our cat, Titus, hid under it for a whole weekend once. It was in our bedroom at the time, covered in another blanket.

Despite the orange, I didn't have the heart to get rid of this chair, in all it's orange brilliance:The reason I held on to it year after year had little to do with me loving the chair. I mean c'mon, it's bright orange. It's velvet. And it's wobbly! But for years and years I thought it had belonged to my grandma. Sadly, in the midst of this project during a phone call to my parents who gave it to me when I moved out, I discovered it's my aunts. Which is still...nice. But (no offence Tante Chris!) not quite the same as if it were your grandma's. :)

At any rate, it was a free chair with a decent shape. Inspired by a blog I discovered that does the whole slipcover tutorial thing, a picture I found @ Country Living, and the yards of white fabric I managed to score for under $30, I dove in.

Frequently heard from my lips during the whole process: "I have no clue what I'm doing".

But after much riping, (lack of a skirt helped already!)pinning, tucking, smoothing, pinning, sewing and only 2 (count 'em...one, two!) big, stitch-ripping mistakes, I was able to finish this project off and end up liking it a whole lot.I used a button-making kit for the buttons, so I could add a pop of color, even though it's only a smidge. Best part? Priceless words? My husband saying "Wow Jen, I didn't think it'd turn out this well - I thought it'd be way too difficult...but I love it!" Yeah!

And now...onto my next project...my $20 craigslist coffee table. Big plans for this guy!


  1. looks much better. good job Jen! the buttons are a cute touch too. can't wait to see the coffee table redone

  2. When do we get to see your new couch?



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