Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For my mom

And those of you who I started this blog for in the first place. For everyone 'back home' in the true north strong and free (and elsewhere) who I thought might enjoy glimpses of!

May I present: Random shots of Hadassah.

Here we have a little munchkin surrounded by the innumerable gifts and presents in the form of stuffed-inerds. Tim one day thought "I bet Hadassah wants to have a nap with all her fluffy-stuff toys at once". So in went Hadassah. In went said toys...And to sleep they went!Next up - Hadassah at the park along the Grand River. She's about to race Miss Piggy down the slide. Any guesses as to who won?The next two technically could have made it to my last post about the trip to Rosy Mounds - because they are the "about to leave" and "just got home" shots. As you can see......we completely tuckered her out.And then there was baking day. Baking morning, really, because who could bake alllll day with a toddler. Really. The "Mommy, I do it"'s and 5 cracked eggs on the floor could prove to push ones patience. :)Ah - in typical "Hadassah say cheese" fashion, we have our little blondy showing off her pretty dress from Grandma. It was her Easter outfit - thanks Grandma!
Today, I'm sad to say that we had our second last romp at Fredrick Meijer Gardens. Our membership is about to run out - we've SO enjoyed having it. I plan to take Hadassah once more on Saturday morning, but that'll be it. Here's a shot of her enjoying one of the many fun areas in the children's garden. Such a happy smile!
Shopping. She enjoys it because of moments like this - when daddy lets her try on the sunglasses and hats. They can have a lot of fun together, those two. But even when daddy can't make it - which is most often - if I ask her "do you want to go to the store with mommy?" her response is always "Oh sure!"
And there we are. You're all up to date. I'm going to be sappy for one moment and say that we are more and more thankful for this little girl! She can drive me up the wall, but I love her to bits. Her sweetness grows right along with her temper (sounds odd but it's so true!) and she's certainly our gift from God!

On a completely different topic, my friend Deb is coming down this weekend! Woohoo! Can't wait... Deb, do hurry!

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