Friday, May 7, 2010

Adventures in GR: Part 2

Animals. Fuzzy, fluffy and cute. And lots of them, all in the middle of town.

Were we at the zoo? Nope! We were at the Critter Farm. Run by a sweet couple who not only bring you on a tour of their farm, but who also do a great job of showing God's hand in each of these animals. Did you know that an egg yolk becomes a chick's tummy? Fact #1 of many we learned that day.

There was one rather sad fact from that day. My camera battery only lasted half of the tour! But I do have a handful of pictures of some awfully cute animals to show you.

There were cats...ducks...bunnies...goats...They also have chickens, horses, cows, turkeys and a donkey or two. (that's when my camera quit on me) Thanks to the Critter Farm for your great tour! We'd recommend it for sure! All of us had a great time...And so we've discovered another 'new spot' in GR. We haven't been discovering something new every week, as hoped, between the busyness and rain (I'm listening to the pitter patter of it right now). But we've got a couple of months yet!

On a side note, I'd like to say that I'm super proud of my husband, as well as very happy for him. He's finished his thesis!!! Woohoo!!! Good thing we were gone for a week, to let him work. And work and work. And work. It...worked. :)

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