Saturday, May 8, 2010

Adventures in GR: Part 3

Itching to know where we went next !?

Well...let me show you.Unfortunately my plans were a little...rained out.

Another place I'd been told about but had yet to go was "the park behind the fire station across from Meijer". Huh?! There's no park behind the fire station people!! Surely I would've seen it. You're crazy.

But alas, one day as I drove to Meijer with determination to prove all these people wrong (because really, if the best park in GR were right across from my grocery store, I woulda known!), I saw it. Flashes of bright primary colors. Scads of children. Open fields. The kinda thing you can't miss, really.


Ok, so they were right. There IS a park behind the fire station. And it's fabulous. Although this is the only picture you have of if today (and may I saw that the equipment you see is only a quarter of the equipment there...), Tim and I toured it a few date nights ago and it is a charming park.

Lots of equipment for kids to play on, including a very cool flying...thing and a standing spinner that took my breath away. Literally. The kind of thing I would've loved as a child, but got dizzy remarkably fast on as an adult.

But that's not all! There's a sand volleyball court. Tennis courts. Soccer courts. And a cement hiking path (or two or three...we didn't venture on them all) through quiet woods and a meadow and marsh.

And one other thing made me smile. Most of you will think it a very silly thing to give a person a little thrill of excitement, but it did. I couldn't help it. They painted the picnic tables and garbage cans ... now get this ... they painted them a delightful shade of ... AQUA!!!! Oh the joy!

So if you do get a chance, go. If it weren't for the rain, we'd be regulars.

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