Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My husband has graduated.

Four years.

Eight semesters {+}.

One hundred some-odd credits.

Thousands of prayers.

All wrapped up into one neat and tidy package. Someday soon I'll have to bring that gold trimmed paper with all the signatures on it to Hobby Lobby for a snazzy frame.

In the meantime we sit and wonder "Did it really happen? Was grad last Friday? Are we really truly almost outta here?" Yes. Indeed it was. Uh huh!

Every moment had, every paper written, every class taken, every thought digested and stored away, every tough week, every exam studied for...every single day was a gift. God started and ended each day, even though we so often went along our way as if we were the one's accomplishing the day. He's been molding and preparing and teaching the whole way too! And so...we.are.thankful!

Here are a few shots of the evening...(sorry for the poor quality!) Here he is, getting his diploma.And they all stood up there and waited while the diploma's were handed out. 11 guys present, I believe and 3 unable to make grad.Us. Obviously. :)Tim and 'the guys'. These are the 3 HRC students who went through all four years with Tim. These gentlemen have had lots of fun, deep conversations and debates. We're praying for all of you!Thanks for everyone's congrats and prayers! We really appreciate it. Especially all of you who came from the true North strong and free!!

One more thing: When ones husband gets an "A" on his thesis, does one have bragging rights?


  1. I'm sure it was a wonderful feeling to have the thesis done, to hand it in and let those brain cells involved rest awhile. God is so gracious isn't He. Though, I'm sure that A didn't come without a lot of hard work on your part.
    God bless you with peace and wisdom as you prepare for Synod.
    Praying He will use you and Jen to glorify Himself. Leanne

  2. Please pass on my congratulations to Tim, Jen!! Quite the accomplishment! God bless you both as you step into the next stage!

    Looking forward to seeing you next week, Jen!

  3. an "A" eh? :) congratulations!



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