Thursday, May 13, 2010

My "miss-you" List

The fact that our time in GR is coming to an end sinks in more and more each day. Emails from friends to plan last-time get togethers. Events (like grad) sneaking up on us. Paperwork being filled out as we get ready to sell our townhouse. Stuff like that.

And so I made a list. This time it's not my usual "check" list. This is simply a list of the things I will miss when we're gone. Perhaps it's a sad kind of list. But each item on the list has left, and will leave fond, fond memories.

And aren't you happy? I'm going to share that list with you, one by one.

First up, Student's Wives Bible Study.

Once a month, a group of ladies gather together. These ladies consist of Professors wives (the whole thing is headed up by Mary Beeke), minister's wives and the wives of the students attending PRTS. When we first moved here, there was a small enough group that we easily fit into the Beeke's living room. But as the seminary grew, so did the number of wives, and so we made the necessary move to the seminary itself. I think it's safe to say that every single student's wife looked forward to these meetings. It was an opportunity to study a book together, pepper the "seasonsed" pastor's wives with questions, and to find comfort and encouragment from their shared experiences.

This year we studied this book: And this past Tuesday was the last meeting of the season...making it my last meeting ever. Will I ever miss these ladies! A special thank you to the pastor's wives who have led these always helpful meetings, and to the ladies who I've shared the learning with. You will all be in my prayers!

We had a special guest at this particular meeting. Lorna Donnely. Her husband is doing the graduation address tomorrow night, and since they're 'around' this week, Mary invited her to join us at our meeting. What a sweet, kind woman with an open and obvious love for her Savior! She encouraged us in using our homes for hospitality, not only to Christians, but for non-Christians. I found that point particularly convicting because it's so easy to entertain our friends and people with which we have a common ground. But what about those who we don't share any interests with? They, too, need to know the love of Christ! And what a better way to show it than through hospitality.

Keep posted for the rest of the list!

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  1. Hi Jen! Please pass on my congratulations to Tim on his gradution. Wishing him and you the Lord's blessings as you together step into the next part of the ministry in which you are already so involved!
    Keep up the beautiful posts, Jen...sounds like GR has become a very special place for you!



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