Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lions & Cheetahs & Yaks, Oh My!!

The kid in Tim wanted to go to the African Lion Safari last summer already. But the practical in me said "how about we wait until Hadassah will enjoy it more".

And since Hadassah can successfully make every animal noise we throw at her, this summer made sense. So one hot, hot July day, off to the African Lion Safari we went!

We were all smiles at the beginning of the day, eager to be off on our adventure.
Our first tour behind the double gate began as soon as we arrived. This is what we were hoping for on our vehicle:
...but alas, we discovered that if you don't break the rules by feeding the monkeys, you don't get the monkeys on your vehicle!! Despite the fact that they didn't love our van so much, it was great fun watching them chase eachother around and do cannonballs into their pond. After our first tour through, we hit the African Queen tour boat...
...and the splash pad. Hadassah loved this part of the day - and covered her eyes and backed into every spray of water available to her.
On our second drive through the safari, our adventure was more on the inside of our van than the outside. Hadassah, of course, sat in the front of our van with us. At one point she asked "Can I drive daddy?" And Tim, being in the relaxed mood that he was said "Sure!"
Dear oh dear, am I glad she has a few years yet before she gets on the road!

We did have one fluffy visitor to our van on the second trip! "Hello?!?!"
"Anybody in there?"
"The people in front of you were kind, generous people and fed me"
"How about it!!?"
"Oh fine then, be that way"
"People can be so rude! [grumble grumble]"

By the end of the day we were hot, tired and ready to go - but it had been a great day and I'm not sure who had more fun, Tim or Hadassah!

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