Friday, August 27, 2010

Name That House

Ok - the countdown is on for moving day! In 26 days we will once again make a connection with the U-Haul company. This time to move here:
Isn't she beautiful?

I recently read this post and found it very convicting in the midst of our house getting and home making. So while this house isn't my 'dream-home', I do feel very blessed and very thankful that I get to live in a home that I just know I will love while here on earth!! For 3 or 20 years, whatever our time will be there, I know I'll love it...and aim to appreciate it every day!

That being said, there is one thing missing. A name. I have this secret little urge to name my house! Call me crazy, wacky, weird. But I love this house so much, it deserves a name. It's on a street called "Ellwood". Isn't that pretty? And so here's the deal: I'm sending out an invitation for your suggestions. What would YOU name this house? Drop by with your suggestions and help me out!


  1. love the idea :) so i googled "house names" and thought this might perk some interest..

  2. Hi! I'm Taun V.'s sister in law and popped over from her blog to yours. Your new house is very beautiful. I love old houses, and I know just what you mean about it needing a name. It looks like it needs one, and that is not silly. :-) Here are my ideas (feel free to use or toss 'em)... Bergstone Manor/Cottage/Nook (depending on how lofty you are feeling about your new home). Or something with inglenook, since that is a neat word and it just means a nook or corner (usually by a fireplace), and sounds so friendly.

  3. I love the house, Justin and I drove past it this weekend since we were in the area. As for names..... you are asking the wrong person. I've had my condo for 2 years and havent done that to my place...I wouldnt know where to start.


  4. I have never heard of naming a house, but apparently it is not uncommon.... I had some fun looking online, but obviously naming your house will be as personal as naming a child :) here are a few I found... Serenity, Fair Havens, Eden (pleasure), Bethel, Cephas (Rock),or Bergsma Gable, Cair Paravel (for the lamp posts) and when the excitement of life becomes too much, Cuckoo Cottage.

  5. Ok, Jen. I can't resist're so fun!
    Bella de la Ellwood or Bella for short. Meaning "Beauty of (the) Ellwood". Surely you'll combine some of these ideas to get a great house name OR knowing you, you'll come up with your own spin. ;) Missing you in GR!



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