Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Little/Big Helper


If there is one word that could sum up Hadassah's favorite thing to do at the age of two, it is this: WORK.

"I need to help Pa, mama."

"I'm helpin' good, daddy."

"I help, I do it, I heeeeelp!!!"

"I'm workin', mama!"

"I work hard, daddy."

And so in the past couple months as we've bunked with Tim's parents, they've had a lot Not always productive help, but help that warms your heart none-the-less.

She helped daddy build a birdhouse.
She helped Pa and daddy tear down part of the back deck.

She helped "gamma" in the kitchen.
She helped Daddy get the mail - especially on rainy days.

And so our little girl has been keeping herself rather busy.
"I just workin' mama."

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