Monday, October 18, 2010

Back behind the camera

It's been awhile.

But how could I say no? Two adorable kids, a friend-since-high-school and her hubby (who happens to go back to elementary school) and a beautiful fall day. When Anne asked if I could take some family pictures, of course the answer was "yes indeedy".

And so here's a little sneak peak for you, Anne. Hope you enjoy. (I'm avoiding a family pic, since I sure don't want to spoil the surprise of a Christmas card shot ;)

Oh, and I'm tossing one in of Hadassah too, since she insisted on having her picture taken that afternoon as well. And cause she's so stinkin' cute. And cause she's Danielle's friend. Only makes sense to have one of her too, right? Ok, maybe not. But she's in. All there is to it folks.

1 comment:

  1. great pictures, Jen!

    And your new header is FANtastic!!!



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