Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Dog Ate My Blog Post. All 17 of 'em.

And when I say 17, I really truly mean 17. At least! Because I write blog posts at least once a day.

As I refinish my coffee table (just a second coat of still looks like this), I write a blog post.
As I get Tim to hang pictures, I write a blog post.
As I watch my daughter play with the "neighborhood kitty" we seem to have adopted (more on that another day...), I write a blog post.
As I paint a room, I write a blog post.

And of course, as I have moments when I learn something new, or as I am amazed at God, His plans, His actions, His blessings...I write a blog post.

All in my head.

But "in my head" doesn't make for an interesting blog, now does it?

And in my opinion, neither does a blog post without pictures. I'm attempting to upload the pictures I took just now of my finished hall and "phone corner" of my kitchen. But my internet and/or computer are being stubborn and so more on the hall later. For now, you can take a peek at Hadassah's room. NB: It's not complete. But it's so much nicer than what it was...

Here are a couple of shots taken on inspection day, before the previous owners had moved out.

Here it is, in all of its empty, dark and oh so very forest green glory.

Hadassah was so excited on painting day. Here she models off her messy mess of a room with a coat of primer.

Fresh coat of bright, cheerful paint, with pops of magenta(ish) and yellow.

So many plans go through my head on what else to do in this room! See that blue frame?

Someday soon it will hold a chalkboard and hang low on the wall for little hands to draw on. And I have a little bucket of small yellow flowers that have been claimed for this room. If only I could decide what I wanted to do with them. One update already - I've added a magenta shag area rug. Looks fantastic! And I feel better knowing she'll play on something warm this winter too! And playing is something she absolutely does in her new room...she couldn't wait for me to be done taking pictures...


  1. the room and your new blog header- look great!

  2. Love Hadassah's big girl room! And the colour is a great improvement, a sweet soft colour. Good job making it homey Jen!

  3. oh wow, oh wow! how 'bout you make a little trip out west and do some decorating for me and when you're done I'll try to thoroughly explain 'bout that skirt. :) You do a really great job, both H's room and the hallway are so bright and airy and cheerful and clean and it all looks really great.

    I'll try to write an email about the skirt....soon.

    In the meanwhile, I look forward to seeing more!



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