Thursday, November 4, 2010

Down the hall and to the right...

That's where you'll find the microwave. But if you walk down the hall and look to the right, you'll look back at me (standing in the kitchen with a smirk) and say "Uh, Jen...that's a closet".

And you would be correct.

See, I'm going to show you pictures of the hallway today. Huh? Hallway pictures? What about the living room? The kitchen? Or even the bathroom? Wouldn't that be higher up on the list of things to show?


But the thing is, there are things in the hall that make me excited...make me feel organized...make me feel glad because certain little things are turning this house into home. And so without further hallway. (the other "side" of the hallway - and more certain little things - to come in another post! stay tuned...)

The before shots. Seeing red, right? The dining room, hall and kitchen were all painted this dark red. It was one of the things that turned Tim off from this house. I didn't mind it at first, but now that we've brightened it up, I can't believe I even thought I might like it!!
A couple coats of Ben Moore's "Natural Linen", a new "mistreatment" curtain. and a great looking plant, and I have a much lovelier hall.

Now about that microwave. See these closet doors?
You'd guess there'd be coats and shoes and such behind them, right? Tricked you.
The microwave had looked like a monster on the kitchen counter. Tim had the brilliant idea of using the grey (blue?) cupboard to hold the microwave (and coffee maker) in the closet (where there just so happened to be an outlet).
I love it. It's tucked away, out of sight. Of course, there are coats and shoes too.
And you know what is the best part of this little corner of our home? The price!
Fruit stones on the wall: Wedding gift.
Plant stand: gift from waaay back.
Plant: Gift from a family in our congregation - thanks guys!
White plant container: $1.99 on clearance at Ikea
Curtain: fabric I "stole" from my old table cloth I believe. Thanks mom! And then the "ribbon" is upholstery stuff I had from winter decor last year.
Pray sign: Half off Hobby Lobby deal...$8, if I remember correctly.
Blue shelf in closet: $5 at a garage sale. I KNEW I'd find the perfect spot for it! It has Tim's frequently used tools in it.


  1. You're so organized Jen! I'm jealous - my closets look nothing like that. It's a great use of space

  2. REally?!?! Because I was thinking "man, things look so much less organized in a picture than in real life...!" So...thanks sis! :)



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