Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snowflakes and keys

Those are the topics today. No connection, don't worry.

Hadassah and I have been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather the past couple of weeks and have been doing quite a bit outside. One of the big jobs is, of course, raking. Not only do our deciduous trees shed their leaves, but our big evergreen out front seems to be a bit confused and has been shedding as well. Hadassah loves helping out.
So you can imagine how instantly she cried out the inevitable "let's go outside mommy!!!" when I told her that the first snowfall is taking place right outside her bedroom window. Pure grin. That's what Hadassah got on her face. And then a giggle or two escaped from her lips, soon followed by a scramble to get on her gloves, hat and vest (because really, it wasn't THAT cold need for winter coats quite yet). And out came the camera.
Where's your gloves, daddy?!?! It's snowing out!
Trying to catch 'em...

And now, keys. This little helpful was one of the first things I requested Tim to hang up. I love this thing! I bought it sometime in our first year of marriage and it's one of those purchases that I keep loving and loving. (I know, crazy, eh? It's the little stuff...) Anyway, it's in the perfect "middle ground" between the front door and the side door, so no matter where we come in, it's there. 
And right around the corner from the switch, I have my newly hung 'phone wall'. This wall baffled me for awhile because the phone jack was halfway up the wall. So we had our phone sitting on the counter with a wire up to the jack, the plug in the electrical outlet (behind the mixer) and it was a jumbled mess. Yick. Answer? A "Happy Anniversary to Us" phone. Good ol'fashioned corded phone that looks old but isn't. A re-painted chalkboard (which you may have already read about here) and an Ikea handy and I love how this wall turned out. 

Here's a smidge of a close-up on the chalkboard. I used a can of mistint paint I found awhile back, then pulled out the glue gun and some ribbon. Red to keep in with my "splash of red" accent color in the kitchen.
 And so there's the other end of the hallway. And another blog post. 

Now we're off to enjoy the beautiful day out there and to explore the world of the Paper Pickle...


  1. I soooo love your updates. Blog ones and house ones!!

  2. Love your pictures! Hadassah is so cute! Jaelyn wanted to play in the snow too that morning.
    and what did you think of the Paper Pickle? That is where I sink all my money into….. supplies and classes. If you ever want to go to a class together, let me know.



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