Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twenty Eleven


Isn't it?

Last night our church met for an "Old Year" service, and this morning we meet again - to start the New Year worshiping Him who's mercies are new every morning - and every year.

Isn't it funny that new, fresh resolutions just seem natural around the new year? I think most people have new "resolutions" through out the year, don't they? (do you?) A fresh sheet of paper and a pen in front of you, all ready for a To-Do list, can be a determined new start and I go through 200 of those in a year. But there's just something about 01/01...

I don't have an actual list of resolutions written out, but I do know a couple of things on my mental to-strive-for list. I'll share a couple, just for fun:

I want to get Hadassah into the habit of sitting down after breakfast for personal devotions. (beyond our own family ones...) I know. She can't read yet. But! I can get her in the habit of even 15 minutes where she listens to Bible stories on CD, or flipping through her Bible story book, and using some of that time to help her pray, then at least I'm starting a habit for her early on.

I want to get back  into reading 15 minutes a day. I've lost that sometime along the way this past year and find I don't get through good-for-you books like I used to. And since those can be such a great help, I'd like to make sure I keep reading up. I do believe I'll mention what books I'm into right now if I haven't posted a new one for awhile, you guys can remind me. :) Good plan?

Organized, structured days. I used to be quite diligent in striving for that, but since we moved, I haven't quite gotten into a great groove. I tend to be less forgetful when I'm I know it's a good thing for my family!

And one last one I can't quite actually say it out loud. Or write it. Because it may or may not happen. But it's something I've had on the back of my mind for awhile now, since being inspired by another seminary student's wife in my last year in GR. I will say, though, that it involves a new pair of shoes.....

Happiest of New Years to you all! And many, many blessings in it -with days that are filled serving the King of kings and finding incredible joy in doing so.

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  1. I love the resolution involving Hadassah. Can I steal it? Definitely need to do this with the boys. tr



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