Thursday, January 6, 2011

A single snowflake

Have you ever stood at your window watching the snow fall gracefully to the ground? It's been one of those  snowy days here today. It's not blustery. Yet it's not sparse. It's calm. Pretty. Gentle. Steady.

And have you ever tried to single out a snowflake as it falls? It's something I did as a little girl - one of those things I can't shake the habit of. Just focus on one little snowflake as it makes it descent, to see if you can follow it all the way to the ground.

You can never do it with rain. Rain is too heavy. Those impatient raindrops are usually in too much of a hurry to join its comrades in a puddle. But snow plays around while it falls. Sure, it falls. But it also glides and swoops and once in awhile, if you're intent on watching one little flake, you'll notice that it jumps. Back up toward the sky. As if it's saying "I'm enjoying my freedom from that big ol' snow cloud and I'm not yet ready to settle down".

Which makes me think I might just like snow better than rain. I can never say that I like winter better than spring or fall...but once in awhile it proves itself to be a truly cozy, calm, pretty time of year.


  1. The picture is gorgeous, the prose heart lifting (and a bit envious making) The sun just broke through after a VERY dark and rainy morning.

    Wishing you all a blessed 2011.

    Ps. I too have singled out a snowflake as it tumbled from the sky. Just don't get as much practice as an Ontarian might :)

  2. Uh oh - I forgot to mention that I can take no credit for that picture! I borrowed it from somewhere is gorgeous, though, isn't it?
    And I'm so glad other people watch snowflakes too.



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