Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet Oliver Gus

Way back when...about a year ago now...I wrote a post that will be eerily similar to this one. Although that post was titled "Meet Mr. Tumnus". Mr. Tumnus was a wee little min-pin/chihuahua puppy, around 8 weeks old and he was our first attempt at a dog. I could go into a long explanation as to why nobody on the face of this earth ever read about Mr. Tumnus again, but for the sake of the length of this post, I'll simply say that a whining puppy being crate trained and a super close (townhouse) neighbor was simply too much stress for a woman such as myself. And so we found him a better "forever home" and moved on with life.

Fast forward a year. The yearn for a dog has been strong yet again. Especially as we are now settled nicely in our "House of Dreams" (still reading the Anne of Green Gable series...) and have a fenced in backyard. And so on Wednesday when I noticed an ad on kijiji for an English Springer Spaniel - great with kids, 4 months old, housetrained - we headed out, only to come home with this handsome fellow:

And not only is he a handsome fellow, he is a good little fellow too. I am happily able to say that at this particular moment because he just went pee. Outside of my home. (housetrained?! ha! maybe at their place!...although I'll give him another week to de-stress...) On Friday, I may not have stated that he was good quite so happily. Or quickly. Because when a puppy can, a puppy will do things such as this:
(I like him so much right now that I could almost say "thank you" to him for this particular incident. I've been debating getting a new waste basket for the office...)
Over all though, he's a smart guy, super lovable, is incredible with Hadassah and learns pretty quickly. And what can I say - he loves me! Follows me wherever I go and whines when I leave him at home with just Tim and Hadassah. And when your little girl gives your new dogs hugs all the time and says "Gus is my best friend in the whole world!" - what's not to love?

Me thinks you'll see more than one post about Gus.


  1. oh boy! I'm making sure nobody in my family sees your post. I'ld never hear the end of it.

    Look, it's so cute! Can't we have a dog? That little girl gets a dog....

    NOpe, I'll be thankful for you and wait.... a few more years.

    Enjoy him, he sure is cute!

    Ps. I meant to tell you your snowflake photo was gorgeous!

  2. "hello, Gus." :O) great name for a cute dog. you are braver than I...we've been thinking, and thinking about getting a little dog, but haven't yet. :O)

  3. I will say, ladies, that having Gus most definitely has its "what was I thinking?!" moments. I completely understand the hesitation and waiting!! I keep telling myself "It's for Hadassah"...and she sure loves him, so it really is all worth it. :)

  4. Hello Jen, My name is Melanie and I am also from Chwk FRC and been following your blog. We also got a new little puppy this week. so I can sympathize with the chewing/housebreaking/love and cuddles!! you can see our Kacey here

  5. Glad Hadassah loves him (brave girl) my kids would be quite nervous with a dog that size.
    P.s. Loved your bathroom reno, especially the painted cupboards. Great job Jen!

  6. Oh, and hope the house training goes well......

  7. Housetraining: Check.
    Sweetness: Check.
    Staying?: Check check!

  8. Jen - I miss you!
    Gus is very cute. Eric and the kids are in the process of convincing me we "need" a dog. I know the kids will love him and probably me too :) but its just the whole committment thing...I'll talk to you later.
    - Sonia



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