Friday, February 11, 2011

"Before" House Tour

I'm putting something off. It involves paint and kitchen cupboard doors. After priming all bottom cupboards and doors yesterday, I'm less enthusiastic to launch into another round of paintball painting.

And so - aren't you readers going to like this! - I'm going to give you a tour of our house. Have I really truly taken this long to do this? 4.5 months and you don't even know what my living room looks like? Huh!

But this isn't going to be just any old tour. This is the before tour. What the house looked like for the three days that Hadassah and I camped out together with none of our stuff. Except an airmattress, toothbrush, towel and shower curtain. Oh, and pizza.

So without further adieu...our house (before it was home) (in somewhat random order):

Our Kitchen (from the dining room) Tim was absolutely seeing red in this kitchen, but I told him to just wait until I got ahold of a can of paint and it'll be juuuust fiiiine. So goes my current project.

Also taken from the dining room, here is a view of our living room. Loved those windows from the very beginning!

Dining room, taken from kitchen.

You may remember seeing this before.

A closer look at the kitchen. I was rather tickled at the fact that we worked the fridge and stove into the price.

A view of the dining room (and maaaassive patio door that has been building my arm muscles) from the living room. Would you believe it?! The living room wall color matches my Target chair to perfection!

Another part of the house that made me fall in love with it - the recently re-done staircase.

This picture was taken from just inside the front door (right in front of the stairs). We are just loving that fireplace this winter!

Another glance into the dining room. When I first looked at the house, I had no clue that  window was so big! They had quite a large cabinet in front of it.

A second glance at the old bathroom - which you may have already seen.

Seeing these pictures again makes me realize how much I love my new tub!

...and my new toilet! haha

This room is still the same - except with furniture and curtains. Someday...

...I'll get around to painting it. And getting rid of that stencil border!

Did I ever mention that we have our own little walkout patio from our bedroom? I picture myself using it more often this upcoming summer.

This was originally going to be Hadassah's room - but her bed wouldn't fit in it. So it is now the perfect sized home office, where I am sitting right now. In fact, picture a desk in this very spot and me sitting on the far right of this shot. Hello!

Closet door and attic door. 

The one room in the house with re-stained wood in a color I love! Another one of my "someday's" is to refinished the rest of the hardwood in the same color. Someday.

Here's Hadassah, heading up to the attic. It was going to be her playroom - but it turns out that the basement is much more suited for a playroom, and every room has it's best use in the end.

She was practicing playing in it - but now it's a combination of storage area and my painting space. Cupboard doors are scattered across its floor as I write. Waiting for me. 
I just realized that I have no "before" pictures of the basement. Oh well - you'll get the after and know just what it looked like before, since I haven't done a thing down there. And you've already seen Hadassah's room, so I'll leave it out too.

That's our house! And now it's also home. We love it more and more. And will love even more once those cupboard doors are painted and guests no longer have to view the contents of my cupboards! Off I go...


  1. I think we should get together for some collaberative kitchen cupboard painting! What say, should I buy a ticket and we'll start with yours?!
    It looks like you have a beautiful home. I'll enjoy every part of the before and after you share. I'm not sure if I commented back when you posted it but fantastic job on the bathroom!

    Ps. Sweet birthday prep too! Midnight is worth the squeals;)

  2. You inspire me. I want to paint my kitchen cupboards SO badly but hubby says it's way more work than it seems and that sounds daunting. Any painting tutorials or advice or did you just dive in? :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I can't WAIT until the after is done. Especially now that I've seen these before pictures again - it looks so different!

    Leanne - deal! I'll hop on the next plane! :)

    Lis - Your hubby is right. It is potentially more work than is SEEMS - but not so much work that it's not worth it! My advice: Dive in. We've had the cupboard doors down since we moved in - and I kept putting it off and putting it off - only to do the upper doors one day and realize "Oh, that wasn't that bad at all!" So...go for it. And take pictures to show me. :)

  4. Your staircase it beautiful . . . have you considered adding decals - I'm drooling over this one
    - beautiful house and you have fantastic taste.

    Ericka (St. George FRC)



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